is a full-service creative agency making thoughtful, forward-thinking, bespoke communications for modern brands. With an extensive creative network and a holistic, agile approach, CLO works collaboratively to create engaging, impactful and authentic visual stories.

By drawing on a diverse web of independent creative connections, CLO Studio is uniquely able to adapt to each client’s requirements. Conscious creativity is the core of the studio’s approach; each project is addressed with honesty and integrity, with the intention of making the world a better place.

CLO was founded in 2014 by creative director Lauren Faye. With a refined point-of-view and an irrepressible eye for detail, Lauren has cultivated a considered approach to storytelling.

CLO exists at the centre of an extensive and multi-faceted network of creative minds, from photographers, stylists and models to artists, set designers and creative thinkers. CLO began as a curatorial endeavour with @c_ _ l _ _o, a research-based Instagram moodboard.

Now, it has two faces:

CLO STUDIO is a full-service creative agency making thoughtful, forward-thinking communications for modern brands.

And CLO CIRCLE: a philosophy club dedicated to the ongoing exchange of thoughts, feelings and ideas.


@ c_ _ l _ _o 


We envision each brand as its own unique universe. Working with carefully chosen creatives from our network, we build brand worlds from start to finish, from pinpointing target clients and overarching objectives to curating mood boards, choosing colour palettes and developing brand applications – and more besides.


We work collaboratively with brands to build bespoke creative concepts and ideas with impact. Our creative art direction begins with a complete brand audit to understand the essence of the project, establish key objectives and define a unique visual language. Building on this foundation, we work across outcomes from campaigns, e-commerce and product photography to editorial, platform branding, app and product design, to create a cohesive brand world.


Effective, economical and intimate, Instagram has become the first point of call for would-be customers. We work with brands to understand their aesthetic identity, audience, and values, and create a narrative thread, curating their Instagram feed accordingly. We specialise in creating bold, unique, impactful content which inspires a brand’s audiences, both present and potential. Our approach spans from conception and research to creative direction and execution.


Our approach is tailor-made for an evolving landscape. We conduct in-depth research into a brand’s audience, positioning and competitors, and create detailed strategies for how its platforms, customer and brand experiences can be used to maximise impact and engagement. From one-day digital activations to long-term experiential events, our every decision is rooted in research, making memorable, meaningful interactions.


We work in a one-on-one capacity with clients, sharing insight and ideas for impactful customer engagement, exciting brand experiences and new partnerships. Collaboration, for us, takes many forms – whether we’re working with a designer on a bespoke new product, setting a novel brief for self-published zine, partnering with an artist collective to produce an in-person exhibition or curating a creative weekend retreat. By approaching each collaboration as an extended storytelling device, CLO becomes a bridge connecting brands with creative culture.


① Collaboration

Community is everything. CLO STUDIO nurtures an extensive and multi-faceted network of creative minds, from photographers, stylists and models to artists, set designers and thinkers.

Drawing on this community for their individual specialist skills, we are able to curate uniquely talented teams for every project we take on, championing a personal and bespoke approach to storytelling.

② Transparency

Creative work should be conducted fairly, honestly and understood by everybody involved. We are proud to apply transparency around our process for each project we work on, prioritising clarity, simplicity and precision in our approach.

③ Creative Integrity

The best creative work is a pleasure to do. We take pride in following our own path, staying true to our beliefs and taking on every project for the right reasons. Authenticity is key; we pursue original ideas, start new dialogues and aim to inspire joy in every audience we address.

④ Conscience

We aspire to move the creative industry towards a fairer future. From representation, diversity and ethical processes to sustainable solutions, environmentally aware production and open-minded messaging, we do everything in our power to create positive progress.

Graphic Design: Studio Lowrie